Our Managed Solutions are completely scalable and designed to deliver consistently while maintaining the flexibility to meet each client’s individual business requirements, industry characteristics and organizational culture. Our teams are equally experienced and successful in delivering quality, cost effective solutions   Partnerships can be tailored to each client’s business model and unique requirements for a customized solution.


Contingent Workforce Management

A dedicated onsite management team offers pragmatic recommendations for process improvements, cost savings and technology enhancements as we manage your entire staff augmentation procurement from requisition to payment. This onsite solution significantly improves the process for procuring and managing contract labor. 9G Consulting will create a custom-tailored program designed to reduce the administrative burden associated with managing contract labor, to make the process less time-consuming, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Vendor End of Mission

If you have recently created a primary vendor (VMS) program or are rationalizing your current vendors. This program is designed to manage any remaining projects and contingent staff.   With this program, we will manage all secondary and non prime vendors and contractors payrolling services until their assignments are complete.  This allows you to focus on the new program while we handle the end of mission services.