It's not a matter of if but when your company will be attacked or even breached. Cyber threats to network infrastructure and critical applications are on the rise and have reached epidemic levels. Recent studies show that only 40% of companies are adequately prepared and skilled cyber security experts are becoming more difficult to find. Even the most expensive security software and appliances and are is worthless without skilled IT Staff to configure, implement and monitor it.  A knowledgeable and well staffed experienced cyber security team is your best line of defense.  9G Consulting helps organizations find quality consultants, flexible staffing, and full time resources to help you identify and protect your business from security breaches and data theft.  9G Consulting can provide Cyber Security experts to determine risks and help you understand how to protect your business assets as well as identification and response to security threats.  9G Consulting can provide security services to support your organization in prevention, monitoring and pursuit operations

  • Incident response

  • Cyber policy assessment

  • Forensic data analysis

  • Network cyber security design analysis

  • Malware analysis

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

  • Security Operations Center

The (SOC) is manned security operations center, providing clients 24/7/365 remote computer network defense. Our subscription-based remote defense and threat intelligence services are executed from our commercial cyber operations center. The center provides remote security services including enemy pursuit, perimeter and host-based defense, network anomaly analysis, incident response, malware analysis and credential security. This suite of services offers our clients the ability to scale, react and defend their proprietary networks.